On Location – Bomb Cyclone!

On this date in 1859, Henry Thoreau wrote if a nor’easter snowstorm that struck the northeast: “A northeast snow-storm, or rather a north snow-storm, very hard to face. P.M. to Walden in it. It snows very hard, driving along almost horizontally, falling but a foot or two in a rod. Nobody is in the street, or thinks of going out far except on important business. Most roads are trackless. The snow may now be fifteen to eighteen inches deep. As I go along the causeway, I find it is one thing to go south, or from the wind, another to face it.” Today, we faced the same natural phenomenon. Spectacular!

First Peak!

“Before the land rose out of the ocean, and became dry land, chaos reigned; and between high and low water mark, where she is partially disrobed and rising, a sort of chaos reigns still, which only anomalous creatures can inhabit.” — Cape Cod

2018 promises to fulfill our ambition to complete one Kalendar year of our film based on the life and writings of Henry Thoreau. Here is the first glimpse.

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