Musketaquid (In Homage to Herbert Gleason)

“The sluggish artery of the Concord meadows steals thus unobserved through the town, without a murmur or a pulse-beat, its general course from southwest to northeast, and its length about fifty miles; a huge volume of matter, ceaselessly rolling through the plains and valleys of the substantial earth with the moccasined tread of an Indian warrior, making haste from the high places of the earth to its ancient reservoir. “

Musketaquid from Paul Maher Jr. on Vimeo.


Author: Paul Maher Jr.

Author and Editor of Kerouac: The Definitive Biography (2005); Empty Phantoms (2006); Jack Kerouac's American Journey (2007); Miles on Miles: Interviews and Encounters with Miles Davis (2009); Tom Waits on Tom Waits (2011); Extracts Related to the Indians (Henry Thoreau) - Notebooks 1 & 2. Maher is currently filming a natural history film based on the journal of Henry Thoreau.

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